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Westerham Brewery is brewing Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale for the 9th Year

Discussion in 'Westerham' started by Westerham Brewery, Sep 10, 2012. Replies: 0 | Views: 935

  1. Westerham Brewery

    Westerham Brewery New Member

    For the ninth year in a row Westerham will be brewing the Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale with hops grown at the National Trust's hop garden at Scotney Castle.


    Undried green hops willl be picked on Tuesday 11th September and immediately driven at high speed to the brewery in Crockham Hill. Over 80kg of green hops will be loaded into a massive hop back and the wort allowed to steep on the hops for 30 minutes. As with all Westerham's ales, fermentation will take about 3 days and then the beer will be allowed to mature for another 14 days before release. Available from 28th September while stock last.

    The first casks of the beer will be served at the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival on Friday 28th September in the Green Hop Beer tent. For more details click here. Over 20 Kent breweries will be brewing green hop beers for the event and the following Kent Green Hop Fortnight. Beaujolais Nouveau eat your heart out!


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