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Wellband Family of Otford Castle Farm

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Tessa Wannell, Apr 7, 2016. Replies: 4 | Views: 993

  1. Tessa Wannell

    Tessa Wannell New Member

    I am trying to trace my ancestors and wonder if you can tell me what happened to the Wellband Family?

    I know that Harry Wellband and Laura Gibson had a son, Sidney, who married Eliza Walker. I believe they were still at the farm at the beginning of the 20th Century, but have no details.

    They had two (or three?) children, Sidney Robert Walker Wellband, born in 1909 and Brian Harry Walker Wellband born in 1911.

    Do you, or anyone in Otford know what happened to the family?

    Tessa Wannell
    (descended from the Gibsons and Woods of Eynsford & Crockenhill)
  2. Andrew Duke

    Andrew Duke New Member

    Hello Tessa, the Wellbands moved towards Sevenoaks and one Wellband descendant is still there today.

    Sidney and Eliza actually had four children; Sidney, Brian, Mansergh and Desmond (my grandfather). There were lots of daughters from these Wellbands so only one branch of Mansergh's descendants still have the Wellband name.

    We have a photo of the Wellbands/Gibsons/Woods/Haggarts together at Castle Farm in Otford which we could share.

    So are you descended from Florence Edith Gibson?

    If you would like more details I have the whole family tree online?
  3. Tessa Wannell

    Tessa Wannell New Member

    Dear Andrew
    Lovely to be in touch with you! What luck you saw this!!!
    I am organising a meeting of the descendants of William Gibson and John, Thomas and William Wood at Eynsford on 30th April at the Castle Hotel at 11am. There may only be four of us, but I am hoping more like 15 to 20. The idea is to swap photos, research etc. I probably have the same photo taken at Otford in the snow - we all seem to - but I have been unable to name the man and woman left of the picture, and it sounds as though you know them - the Haggarts?!

    There will be descendants of Walter and Florence there - but I am actually descended from Lewis Bruce - and there will be three or four of us. Sadly the one person still with the name Gibson can not make it - but I am hoping his sister can be there. There are also a number of Wood descendants turning up...

    My e-mail address is: bobntessa@btinternet.com. Please e-mail and I will give you fuller details. Would love it if you are also able to join us? Attach a copy of your photo and I will know it is you! Best Wishes, Tessa
  4. Tessa Wannell

    Tessa Wannell New Member

    Hi Andrew, I have now looked up a few of the names you mentioned and can see that daughter Laura married a Haggart and that your parents married in 67. Love to see your family tree. Please do get in touch. Tessa
  5. Rod Shelton

    Rod Shelton New Member

    I live in Otford and am interested to find out whether the Wellband Trust is still constituted. They appear to still be landholders of plots throughout Otford. If you can find a contact , I would like to get in touch with them and from your point of view I would imagine they would be a good source for your proposed get-together. PS I am a local historian not a developer, I promise! Rod

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