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Upper High Street Sevenoaks HGV Ban - Petition

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks Society' started by Discuss Ted, Oct 16, 2009. Replies: 0 | Views: 1376

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    Upper High Street Sevenoaks HGV Ban - Petition


    Despite the existence of the A21 bypass for Sevenoaks there continue to be journeys by HGVs through the Upper High Street which is narrow and winding with narrow pavements. These journeys are not necessary for deliveries to the town centre.

    Proposal by the Sevenoaks Society

    A ban for all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) above 7.5 metric tonnes from the Upper High Street Sevenoaks from the Red House to Sevenoaks School main entrance.


    The advantages of such a ban would be:

    * Reduction in damage to the buildings in the Upper High Street (there have been two significant accidents reported in 2009 involving HGVs) and to their foundations. This is architecturally the most signifcant part of the town.

    * Reduction in HGV traffic on St. John's Hill, Seal Hollow Road, London Road and Tonbridge Road from the lower levels of through traffic.

    *Reduction in air pollution resulting from the HGVs and the jams they often create.

    * Increased safety of pedestrians in the Upper High Street which is used by a large number of school children.

    The Sevenoaks Society.
    Web: www.sevenoakssociety.org.uk

    Link: Sign The Petition

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