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Thinking of moving to Kemsing

Discussion in 'Kemsing' started by polarbear72, Jul 14, 2011. Replies: 5 | Views: 4759

  1. polarbear72

    polarbear72 New Member


    I am currently thinking of moving to Kemsing and I am wondering whether someone can help me.

    I have seen a property I like on Castle Drive. I am wondering whether this road is used as a "Cut through" route to any other roads as it seems quite busy for such a small place as Kemsing. I have a cat and am not from the area hence the enquiry. The cat isn't streetwise!

    Many thanks
  2. Sevenoaks Forum

    Sevenoaks Forum Administrator Staff Member

    100 views and no replies yet :confused: .. can anyone from Kemsing help out polarbear72?
  3. RegOak

    RegOak New Member

    I suppose better late than never. Quite a lot of cats in the Castle drive area that mainly stay in the back gardens. Quantity of traffic isnt a problem, but speed of a minority of locals is.
  4. polarbear72

    polarbear72 New Member

    Well, I moved to Kemsing and my cat got run over and had to be put to sleep. I am disgusted at the way that people drive through the village. Before this unfortunate incident I contacted the Parish Council about the traffic on Childsbridge Lane as people constantly speed through the village and take no notice whatsoever about the speed limits when in Kemsing or Seal. I had seen fox cubs being killed and I still do not understand the reason for the national speed limit on the stretch of road bewteen the two villages. I will investigate further.
  5. RegOak

    RegOak New Member

    I am sad to hear of the News of your cat, and from past experience know how you feel. I agree that the speed driven by some is too high for an urban environment.
    I did try on one occassion to get the Parish Council interested in pressing for the village to be a 20mph Zone, but they were frankly disinterested. Possibly because they know full well that KCC arent enthusiastic about 20 zones. The arguments against are usually based on 1/20 MPH cant be enforced, and 2/ a road cant be considered unsafe until there are victims from road accidents in the mortuary.
    Overall quality of life doesnt enter their thinking at all.

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