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The Kent Downs: our special place

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    The Kent Downs: our special place

    The Kent Downs: our special place
    8p.m., 17 October, at Underriver Village Hall

    An evening in aid of Spring House Family Service

    Underriver is within the landscape known as The Kent Downs. Come to Underriver village hall on the evening of 17 October where you will hear Kent author Dan Tuson speak about what makes the Kent Downs such a special place.

    He will bring to life the rich culture, traditions and customs that have shaped man’s relationship with this landscape throughout the centuries; he will talk about the history of the Kent Downs’ settlement and colonisation, the development of its farming, the inspiration it has given poets, artists and authors, and the legacy of its rich and varied natural treasures.

    The evening will begin at 8p.m. with a serving of desserts made with fruit from Underriver, and a fun quiz on the landscape around Underriver.

    Wine and soft drinks will be available.

    Tickets for the evening are £10 each (all proceeds from tickets will go to Spring House) and are available from Rob and Bronwen Wells (tel: 01732 458261; Mobile: 07891 170072; email: Bronwen@stjulians.co.uk.)
    Tickets can also be bought in person from St Julians Club reception office
    Personally signed copies of Dan Tuson’s book ‘The Kent Downs’ will be available on the night with all profits from sales going to Spring House.

    This will be a fun and interesting night: please book early as there is limited availability.

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