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Stop complaining – Contribute! This is your future

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Nick Rushby, Nov 13, 2017. Replies: 0 | Views: 291

  1. Nick Rushby

    Nick Rushby New Member

    You, your family and your neighbours are all members of the Otford community. Your views and your concerns about our future are what are important.

    We now have the opportunity, as a community, to create a formal Neighbourhood Plan. This will give us the opportunity to protect ourselves against unwanted outside influences and set out what we do want in the years ahead.

    It will be a community plan, not a Parish Council or District Council one. It will be your voice that is heard; your views that are expressed; your hopes that will form it. What YOU think is important.

    On Saturday, 2nd December, there will be a big community meeting in the Memorial Hall. Put it in your diary. It is important that you be there. You will hear how a Neighbourhood Plan can be formed and what is involved. You can speak your views and there will be opportunities for everyone to contribute ideas.

    A Neighbourhood Plan is important to our community’s future.

    Find out why on Saturday 2nd December 2.30pm at Otford Memorial Hall

    Nick Rushby
    On behalf of the Otford Neighbourhood Plan steering group

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