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Ransomware 2.0

Discussion in 'Business News / Discussion' started by tommy2k8, Jul 26, 2016. Replies: 0 | Views: 1996

  1. tommy2k8

    tommy2k8 New Member

    'Despite the efforts made to improve cybersecurity at many organizations, there are too many systems with aging infrastructure and vulnerabilities that leave companies at risk, with ransomware one of the most sinister threats', according to a new Cisco report. (Source: Techrepublic 2016)

    Ransomware is getting more evil as time goes on. If you don't know what ransomware is, your data is held to ransom, and if you don't pay (usually in virtual currency, Bitcoin), your files will become encrypted (depending on the ransomware, either all at once or gradually.)
    Please people, be vigilant, ransomware spreads, amongst other things, by clicking links in phishing emails.
    To protect yourself, the first line of defence against file encryption, backup, backup, backup!
    If you want any more information on ransomware, or you want to implement a backup plan, either for home or small business, please do contact me:
    07845 139848.

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