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Play Table Tennis around Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks Chat' started by TTWTTL, Apr 2, 2012. Replies: 0 | Views: 8102


    TTWTTL New Member

    At sometime or other most of us have enjoyed playing table tennis or ping pong, as its also affectionately known. After being in the doldrums for a while, the popularity of the sport is starting to grow again and as a result the Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells Table Tennis League (TTWTTL) is looking to recruit new players and teams for the 2012/13 season. The league currently has five clubs, thirteen teams and over seventy registered players. For those who like their sporting activities to be competitive and also have a social side, playing league table tennis could be for you.


    Steve Day
    Press Officer

    Watch some of worlds top Table Tennis players in action on YouTube


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