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Otford Society March 2012 Newsletter and AGM

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    The Otford Society March 2012 Newsletter ( PDF or Page Turning Version ) is now online.

    The Annual General Meeting of The Otford Society is on Thursday, 29 March 2012.
    Otford Village Memorial Hall at 8.00pm
    Discussion on the Future of the Palace Tower
    All members are invited to attend. The meeting is open to all who are interested in matters concerning our village.
    Newcomers to the committee are welcome. Nominations can be made in advance, or on the night, providing they have a seconder and the permission of the nominee.
    President - Ken Gunderson
    Chairman - Tony Wiltshire
    Secretary - Carol Griffiths
    Treasurer - Derek Buck
    Membership - Vincent Tilley
    Newsletter Distribution - Elisabeth Lindsay
    Traffic/Roads - Jeff Lee
    Minutes Secretary - John Anthony
    Dennis Glasspool, Andrea Kelly
    Minutes of 2011 AGM will be available at the meeting.

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