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Old Photos of Riverhead/Sevenoaks

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks History' started by Isandlwana, Jul 22, 2009. Replies: 2 | Views: 4815

  1. Isandlwana

    Isandlwana New Member

    Old Photos of Riverhead/Sevenoaks


    Please could anyone advise me on where the best place is to go to obtain old photos of Riverhead/Sevenoaks circa 1895-1920? I've tried, without success, Sevenoaks District Council (who gave me a very curt response), and Riverhead Parish Council.

    I have a picture from the Francis Frith collection but they are only limited with what they have.

    They would be purely for private purposes too - not commercial.

    Any advice gratefully received.
  2. Joker

    Joker Member

  3. Phil Clucas

    Phil Clucas New Member

    For photos of Sevenoaks and all the surrounding Villages you can order one of the following books from Sevenoaks Bookshop. Each book is 64 pages and is packed with over 100 photographs and informative text and captions.
    "Sevenoaks, The Past in Pictures" (photos of the town from 1900s-1970s)
    "Sevenoaks Countryside, The Past in Pictures" (photos of all the surrounding villages -inc Riverhead)
    "Sevenoaks, St. John's, the Past in Pictures" (the northern areas town)
    Each book costs about £8-9 and a wonderful evocation of the Past.

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