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Norman’s Butchers has launched 2014 calendar ‘Hunt The Sausage’ featuring photographs of Eynsford

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  1. Eynsford

    Eynsford New Member

    Norman’s Butchers of Eynsford has launched its 2014 calendar Hunt The Sausage, a 12-page gem featuring photographs of the village with sausages hidden within them.
    Images include Eynsford Castle, The World Garden, The Ford, and the butcher boys themselves.
    The photographs were digitally enhanced by Barry and Jane Parten of The Photographers’ Workshops in Eynsford.
    Both are committed vegetarians.

    Can you spot the sausage?
    Jane said:

    Jane used her photoshop skills to hide a sausage in each of the 12 photographs.
    They each feature Norman’s traditional delivery bicycle, with the exception of December which was taken on the zebra crossing in Eynsford as a homage to the famous Beatles Abbey Road album cover.
    Butcher Norman is asking people to find the sausages and, once found, enter the prize draw via Norman’s Facebook and Twitter page to win a pound of sausages.

    Norman and the butcher boys
    Norman said:
    The calendars go on sale in the High Street shop at £5 each at the end of October.
    All profits raised will be split between St Martin’s Church and the Eynsford & Farningham Scouts.
    Norman’s Butchers has strong links with both the Scouts and The Church - having sold previous calendars in aid of the Church and providing sausages for the annual Scout Fete and Bonfire Night.

    Thom Morris
  2. Eynsford

    Eynsford New Member

    From Norman's Facebook post


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