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Eynsford Eagle Heights falcons to smash world's-fastest record

Discussion in 'Eynsford' started by Sevenoaks Chronicle, Aug 27, 2015. Replies: 0 | Views: 595

  1. Sevenoaks Chronicle

    Sevenoaks Chronicle New Member

    The day is fast approaching when Eynsford favourite Eagle Heights will attempt to break the record for world's fastest animal. On Saturday at 7pm, trainer Jonathan Ames will encourage peregrine falcon twins Dick and Dom to try and dive at speeds of more than 250mph.The falcons will ascend 2,500 feet into the sky in a hot-air balloon above the site off Lullinstone Lane before the signal is given for them to swoop after a lure on the ground. The event is open to the public. Mr Ames, whose parents...

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