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Chipstead Lake Purchase Briefing Sat 30Jan16 5pm Chevening

Discussion in 'Chevening' started by Michael Ryan, Jan 27, 2016. Replies: 0 | Views: 1272

  1. Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan New Member

    Chipstead Lake Association
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    Saturday 30th January, 5pm-6:30pm

    Chevening Parish Hall, Homedean Road, Chipstead

    You are invited to the first public meeting of the Chipstead Lake Association, whose purpose is to assess and focus support in the community for the purchase of Chipstead Lake (also known as Longford Lake).

    As a result of the 2013 Parish Plan, in which 75% of those who responded supported this, the lake was designated as a Community Asset. This gives us time to put in a bid before the current owner can sell to anyone else.

    Please come and hear about the choices we have for purchasing and running the lake, and about the things we would like to do if the lake was being run in the interest of the community.

    Most importantly, please come and register your support, and find out how to get involved in this exciting possibility. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Steve Dalton, Katherine Draper, Mick Ryan, Marcia Barton

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