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Chickens treated to a bit of luxury at Fowlty Towers hotel

Discussion in 'Cowden' started by Your Sevenoaks, Oct 14, 2012. Replies: 1 | Views: 2137

  1. Your Sevenoaks

    Your Sevenoaks New Member

    Cowden-based hotel caters exclusively for our feathered friends


    Chicken owners no longer have to get in a flap about leaving their feathered friends alone during holidays, because the poultry world’s answer to The Hilton Hotel has become the perfect home-from-home for hens.

    The aptly named Fowlty Towers, run by chicken lover Julie Smith, allows the birds to relax in comfortable accommodation or roam free in the grounds of the Cowden-based hen hotel, near Edenbridge.

    Mrs Smith, who has 13 of her own hens, feeds them treats and makes sure they are pampered while their owners are away.

    The 54-year-old said:

    Mrs Smith said while bookings are sporadic, the summer had been quite busy and word of mouth was beginning to spread.

    The “guests” are provided with a fully disinfected cube, feed, grit, corn, water and bedding.

    Mrs Smith, who often takes her own hens for a trip into the village in a stroller, added:
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