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Chevening E-mail 30Jun15

Discussion in 'Chevening' started by Michael Ryan, Jul 2, 2015. Replies: 1 | Views: 1026

  1. Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan New Member

    Dear All,

    Vandalism On Footpath SR105 Behind Chevening School


    David Dival reports:

    "Please see attached a couple of images that I took this afternoon of our newly erected fence. As you will from the images, the fence has suffered a deliberate act of vandalism. As the area of damage is located behind one of the remaining trees at the base of the garden and as such is obscured from view, we were unaware until this was reported to us today by our neighbours. Many thanks to them for taking the trouble to do this. As per last summer, we did have a visit during the week from a group of youths on the adjoining footpath, this was late Wednesday evening at about 9.30 and returning toward Chipstead well after dark. Given the amount of petty crime, damage and vandalism associated to the this group of youths last year, I would ask that this email and images are forwarded accordingly to the local PCSO in an attempt to prevent further trouble being carried. Regards David "

    I have asked Sgt Mark Beresford and PCSO David O'Neill to contact me as this is not the only example of vandalism this week.

    33 Chipstead Park Drain Clearance Report.

    I do apologise I have just checked this job to find that the survey was carried out on the 29th of May. I have attached the report for you, everything was found to be running here. Obviously there is another issue here for the resident to report that there is still flooding etc. I will pass this to the Sevenoaks Engineer for further investigations, if in the meantime however this does flood again it would be really helpful if the resident could try and capture a photograph for us to help with our investigation. Kind Regards, Jodi Harrison


    Please let us know if it floods again.

    Diabetes in West Kent from Amherst Medical Practice

    This e mail message is sent from Amherst to our Diabetic patients who may wish to have input to the diabetic service provided in the locality. If any of you feel you could complete the survey this would be appreciated. I should be grateful if you could send this out to your population to enable them to have an opportunity to feedback. LINK to Diabetes Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WKDiabetes

    Thank you Wendy Bardell, Practice Manager, Amherst Medical Practice.

    Speed Watch Training

    Following on from our training session in February, we have had further requests for more training. Guy Rollinson from Kent Police and I would like to invite you to speed watch training on:-

    Monday 20 July 6.30pm

    To be held at the Council Offices here in Sevenoaks. I have also attached below a briefing note of Speed Watch. Please let me knowif you can attend by Wednesday 15 July via e-mail to community.safety@sevenoaks.gov.uk It is important to book this training and not just turn up.


    What is Community Speed Watch?

    Community Speed Watch (CSW) is an initiative that allows groups of residents to volunteer and contribute to their local safety and quality of life by helping to reduce excessive vehicle speeds on roads in their own communities.

    What are the Objectives of Speed Watch?

    1 To increase the public awareness of speeding.

    2 To reduce deaths, injuries and collisions on Kent’s roads.

    3 To improve the safety and quality of life in local communities.

    How Does Speed Watch Work?

    Operating at risk assessed roadside sites during daylight in 30 and 40 miles per hour (mph) speed limits, a group typically of three CSW volunteers monitors the speed of passing vehicles using a portable speed indication device. They record the speed and identifying details of vehicles travelling at or above nationally specified speed thresholds (35 and 46 mph). The registered keepers of vehicles observed repeatedly or excessively (speed limit plus 50%) speeding anywhere in Kent in a 12-month period are then sent warning letters and advice by Kent Police.

    How does a scheme for Sevenoaks District start upSevenoaks District Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has purchased 3 speed boards which can be loaned out to volunteers. Training is arranged by the CSP to all members of the community and training is done by Kent Police and lasts about one and a half hours. Site areas are then e-mailed to Kent Police who will risk assess the area. The boards are then lent out went the volunteers are ready (Chevening has purchased it's own speed board held by Dick Dorward). Kent Police also collates the roadside data and uses it to send warning letters and speed awareness advice to speeding vehicle owners. To arrange the necessary CSW volunteer safety awareness training contact the Community Safety Unit on 01732 227000 or community.safety@sevenoaks.gov.uk

    A21 Road Works Pembury

    Will there be roadworks?
    For night time lane closures, traffic lights will continue to be used during week nights throughout June. During the forthcoming overnight closure the final sections of metal safety barrier will be installed, the new section of A21 near Pembury Walks will be tied-in or connected to the existing road with a section of new surfacing and white lining and some additional signage erected. A 40mph speed limit and metal safety barrier has been put in place throughout the works area to protect the road user and workforce.

    Road Works




    Allow an Extra

    Sunday 28 June 2015

    8.00pm - 06.00am

    A21 between the A26 Quarry Hill and A264/A228 Pembury junctions

    30 minutes

    Monday 29 June 2015

    8.00pm - 06.00am

    A21 between the A26 Quarry Hill and A264/A228 Pembury junctions

    30 minutes

    Tuesday 30 June 2015

    8.00pm - 06.00am

    A21 between the A26 Quarry Hill and A264/A228 Pembury junctions

    30 Minutes

    How will you manage traffic?
    At the Vauxhall Lane / A26 section of the A21, traffic will be separated prior to the southbound off-slip into two dedicated lanes. Lane one will be used for traffic wishing to enter the A26 and the A2014. Lane two will be used for through traffic wishing to remain on the A21. We have implemented a right turn ban for traffic entering or leaving Half Moon Lane, Pembury Walks or Fairthorne garage. This will improve the flow of traffic on the A21 and also reduce the potential of increased rat running through the local villages. This will be enforced by the Police, especially in the early change period. Private accesses onto the A21 remain unaffected by this ban.

    Will there be diversions?
    A number of nights of full closures will still be required. Closures will be in place from A26 Quarry hill junction Tonbridge through to the A228/A264 junction and will be effective from 20:00 hours to 06:00 hours the next morning. A fully signed diversion route will be in place. Currently, the dates remain to be confirmed, but we will share them with you when they are available. During most of the construction work, unless there is an emergency situation, there will be no need for the road to be closed during the day. Occasional further night closures may be required and these we will update here when they are confirmed.



    Mick Ryan,
    Chairman Chevening Community-Led Parish Plan Steering Group
    Far End,
    Chipstead Lane,
    TN13 2RG
    Tel: 01732-453530
    Fax: 01732-453530
    Mob: 0786-779-2705
    E-mail: mick_ryan@dial.pipex.com
    Web site: www.rafjever.org
    Web Site: www.cheveningplan.org
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    Welcome to the forum Mick and thanks for adding the news item. Hope the community forum facilities helps discussion of issues with the Chevening village community.
    Interested users can click on 'Watch Forum' to receive an email of new discussion topics for the village and, obviously, add a reply like this one.
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