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Archbishop's Palace Conservation Trust - www.otfordpalace.org

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  1. You will recall that the Council wishes to find a secure and self-sustaining future for the Archbishop's Palace in Otford and has commissioned a firm of architects, Thomas Ford and Partners, to carry out an Options Appraisal which will look at the various alternatives for the future of the Palace. The final report, which was due in June this year, has been delayed but is likely to look at a range of possibilities - from turning it into residential dwellings to some form of community asset.

    The Archbishop's Palace Conservation Trust (Charity registration number 1173486) has been set up with the aim of acquiring the Palace site and buildings, and creating a visitor centre that will not only present the history of the Palace and its Tudor history, but also act as an interpretation centre and springboard for the Darent Valley. We believe that this would be the best use of this iconic monument.

    The Trustees have carefully investigated the practicality of our proposal and have prepared a detailed, costed business plan that sets out our objectives, a timescale and the potential funding sources. It will be a major project and the costs will exceed £1.5M over several years. We have submitted our outline proposal to Sevenoaks District Council and asked that they be considered alongside the Options Appraisal. We have spoken to Historic England, the Heritage Lottery Fund and other potential funding agencies, and have their provisional support. However, our first hurdle is to convince Sevenoaks District Council that this is clearly the best future for the Archbishop's Palace.

    The Trust is asking for your support in persuading Sevenoaks District Council that they should transfer the land and buildings to the Archbishop's Palace Conservation Trust, either for a nominal sum or on a long lease, that will enable us to realise our vision for the benefit of the residents of Otford, of the Darent Valley and the many visitors to the area. The decision-making is split between several areas in the Council, so you can write to Peter Fleming, Leader of the Council, or to Michelle Lowe who is one of the District Councillors for Otford (Sevenoaks District Council, Council Offices, Argyle Rd, Sevenoaks TN13 1HG).

    Nick Rushby
    Archbishop's Palace Conservation Trust
  2. If you want to see more, please visit our website or see the display in Sevenoaks Library (in the information room) Nick

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