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4. Living in a Healthy Environment

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    4. Living in a Healthy Environment

    This section is about making Otford good for a healthy life-style. Can we expand opportunities in Otford to keep fit and active?
    These are the concerns that the community indicated as most needing action: (These are the views indicated by the majority of numerical responses received to the questionnaire)
    These were all the verbatim comments added to the questionnaire: (We would point out that these are individual comments and do not necessarily represent the views of the majority of respondents)
    Question 4: Living in a healthy environment
    Cycle path

    · Is there any possibility of better provision for cyclists along Station Road?

    · Pilgrims Way West is particularly dangerous for cyclists due to traffic speeds.
    · Shared use of the footpaths would answer the problem.
    · Tudor Drive to Kemsing footpath should enable cyclists to use it.
    · A cycle track is needed on the main road between Twitton Lane and the turning to Polehill.
    · Walking and Cycling are healthy etc but too much is conceded to the cycling forum. A substantial minority of young cyclist use pavements etc.
    · Uses footway when cycling along A25.
    · Cycle path good idea, but only if path continues through Otford itself round back of roads, i.e. off roads/footways. Roads and pavements too narrow for cycles – causes traffic bunching, increases risky overtaking.
    · Encourage cycling but no need for special provisions everywhere except on the Sevenoaks-Otford Road.

    · Cycle paths are badly needed in Otford.
    · 2ft wide would be dangerous on the A225. It would need to be separate.

    · If OBM were ever to re-locate this would make a great sports centre.
    · A squash club would be really nice in our community and be very popular if we can find the space.

    Indoor sports
    · If you want facilities for indoor sports, move to a town!
    · Renew negotiations with SDC/KCC to make village school facilities available to residents. The is poor provision for women’s sports at present.

    Recreation Ground

    · Recreation Ground must be open to ALL, as a safe place for individuals and groups of all ages to exercise or just walk. Don’t turn into exercise yard with huge car park.
    · We need a safe rec area not for sports but for dog-lovers and walkers – Community Woodland is useless.
    · Don’t overuse Rec ground – leads to congestion, loss of green space for residents.
    · Need more actives for ages 6+ in playground. Need drinking fountain and more trees/shade.
    · More recreational facilities may be desirable but the rec is already used to maximum. Resist further incursion for car parking.

    Hale Lane Recreation Ground
    · Make more use of recreational ground at top of Hale Lane


    · Pavilion good, but vandalism?
    · Dangerous if anywhere near public green areas – hard balls flying around. Use for more widely played sports.
    · The cricket association rejected the idea of sharing the new pavilion when it was first suggested. Why raise it again?


    · More provision for allotments.
    · Reclaim Chalk Pit from vandals. Keep lawn mown, rubbish cleared, fix goal nets permanently. Introduce guided walks, as in Sevenoaks?
    We are so close to Sevenoaks I don't think there is a need (for additional sporting facilities

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