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“I would like to make a difference ...”

Discussion in 'Otford Parish Plan' started by Rod Shelton, Feb 2, 2010. Replies: 1 | Views: 2552

  1. Rod Shelton

    Rod Shelton New Member

    “I would like to make a difference ...”

    “I would like to make a difference ...”

    The results of the Parish Plan questionnaire have revealed certain concerns that residents of Otford would like resolved. They are listed in the sections below, together with ideas for improving things. The purpose of a Parish Plan is to find ways to improve the quality of life for all who live in the parish and tackle problems which are perceived to exist. As a volunteer, you can join one (or more) of the ‘action groups’ involved with this work.
    Please complete the attached form, highlighting the headings you are particularly interested in. Then add your contact details etc. at the end of this form and we will get in touch with you.

    A SAFE COMMUNITY – Otford’s roads and pathways
    Focussing on: the speed of vehicles on all Otford roads; wide vehicles in the High Street; uneven pavements; additional pedestrian crossings; issues concerning the village car park.

    Focussing on: developing a cycle path to Sevenoaks; improving off-road facilities for cyclists & pedestrians.

    Focussing on: involving more young people in village affairs; making better provision for the disabled; improving Hale Lane recreation ground for young people.

    Focussing on: reducing our carbon footprint within the parish; examining ways for alternative green power generation within the parish.

    Focussing on: improving the look of the village centre; making Bubblestone Parade more attractive and safer for pedestrians; developing Palace Field as an important historic site; signposting the Conservation area; maintaining footpaths to a higher standard.

    Focussing on: reviewing options for maintaining an appropriate bus service; examining options for introducing a regular Farmers’ Market in Otford; setting up a directory of local trades and skills available within the parish.

    Focussing on: opportunities for independent self-contained accommodation for older residents within the parish; examining options for easier home deliveries; setting up neighbour response teams; making better provision on footpaths/footways for the elderly; transport options.

    Focussing on: responding to the effects on Rye Lane of the extensive Dunton Green development; the effects upon the community of the Thames Gateway plans; addressing the requirements for a community response to a major incident.

    Thank you.
    Rod Shelton, Chairman, Otford Parish Plan Committee.
  2. Nick Rushby

    Nick Rushby New Member

    This comment is posted on behalf of Rod Shelton who is not a member of Sevenoaks Forum. He writes:

    "This post is simply a compilation of written proposals submitted by the Otford community when we all completed the Parish Plan questionnaire in 2009 - ie, almost ten years ago. They are not my views. They were compiled by me as part of the Parish Plan process.

    "If you read carefully, you can identify that our Parish Plan has in fact helped to rectify many of these issues.

    "It was a very worthwhile project. I dedicated two years to its creation and I am proud to have led the team that completed it. (You can get still hard copies for yourself from the Parish Office.)

    "I did not post this document myself. Someone evidently has mischief in mind.

    Rod Shelton”

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