How Online Casinos are Contributing to Sevenoaks’ Economy


Picture this: it’s a sleepy Sunday afternoon in Sevenoaks, a picturesque town nestled in the verdant English countryside. The high street is bustling as usual, with locals and tourists alike enjoying the quintessential charm of this Kentish gem. But behind closed doors, there’s another scene unfolding. Thousands of residents, young and old, are logging onto online casinos, their eyes glued to digital poker tables and virtual slot machines. This growing trend isn’t just a testament to the rise of digital entertainment. It’s also contributing to Sevenoaks’ economy in ways you might not expect. Intrigued? Let’s delve deeper into this phenomenon.

The Growth of Online Casinos in Sevenoaks

The last few years have witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of online casinos in Sevenoaks. What was once a niche pastime has now become a mainstream hobby, with a significant number of residents regularly trying their luck at these digital platforms. From poker and blackjack to roulette and slots, the variety of games on offer is truly staggering, catering to all tastes and skill levels.

Several online casino platforms have gained a strong foothold in Sevenoaks, each vying for a slice of the pie. These platforms aren’t just providing entertainment to residents; they’re also creating jobs, generating revenue, and indirectly stimulating the local economy. But how exactly does this work? Let’s find out.

The next part of the article will discuss the direct economic contributions of online casinos. Please let me know if you’d like me to continue!

Direct Economic Contributions of Online Casinos:

It’s no secret that online casinos are money-making machines. But did you know that a chunk of this revenue finds its way back into the Sevenoaks economy? Well, it does, and in more ways than one.

Firstly, let’s consider taxes. Online casinos in the UK are subject to a Point of Consumption tax, which means they have to cough up 15% of their Gross Gambling Yield as tax. This tax revenue is then used to fund public services, including those in Sevenoaks. In addition, these platforms also pay licensing fees, which further contribute to public funds.

But that’s not all. Online casinos are also significant job creators. Think about it: running an online casino requires a wide range of skills, from tech whizzes who maintain and improve the digital platforms to customer support staff who assist players. These jobs aren’t just confined to big cities; many are based right here in Sevenoaks, providing a welcome boost to local employment levels.

Indirect Economic Contributions of Online Casinos:

Beyond these direct contributions, online casinos also indirectly stimulate the Sevenoaks economy. For instance, increased internet usage due to online gambling has led to a surge in demand for digital services. Local ISPs, digital advertisers, and e-commerce platforms have all benefited from this trend.

Furthermore, winnings from online casinos can stimulate local spending. When a Sevenoaks resident hits the jackpot, they’re likely to splurge some of their newfound wealth on local businesses, whether it’s a new car from a local dealership or a fancy dinner at a high-end restaurant.

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The Role of Regulation in Economic Contribution:

The economic benefits of online casinos in Sevenoaks can’t be discussed without mentioning the crucial role of regulation. The UK Gambling Commission, the body responsible for regulating commercial gambling in Great Britain, plays a key role in ensuring that a fair share of casino profits contribute to the local economy.

Online casinos are required to obtain licenses from the commission and adhere to strict regulatory standards. This ensures that the industry operates fairly and transparently, protecting players and contributing to public funds through license fees and fines for non-compliance.

However, there’s a flip side to this coin. If online gambling is not properly regulated, it could lead to potential economic risks, including problem gambling and associated social costs. It’s therefore vital that authorities continue to monitor and regulate this sector to ensure its economic benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks.

The Future Economic Impact of Online Casinos:

Looking ahead, the future economic impact of online casinos in Sevenoaks looks promising. The sector is projected to grow at a healthy pace, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer habits, and an increasingly relaxed attitude towards online gambling.

This growth presents an opportunity for Sevenoaks to further leverage this trend for economic development. By attracting more online casino companies to set up operations in the town, Sevenoaks could boost local employment, stimulate business growth and increase tax revenues.

Let’s wrap up our discussion with some concluding thoughts and unique FAQs about online casinos’ contributions to Sevenoaks’ economy.


In conclusion, the rise of online casinos in Sevenoaks is more than just a testament to the digital age’s entertainment evolution. It’s a significant economic driver, contributing to the local economy through direct and indirect means. From generating jobs and tax revenue to stimulating demand for digital services and local spending, online casinos are proving to be unlikely allies in Sevenoaks’ economic development. As with any industry, effective regulation is critical to balance economic benefits with potential risks. The future looks bright, with opportunities galore for Sevenoaks to further harness this burgeoning sector for its economic advantage.


  1. How do online casinos contribute to Sevenoaks’ economy directly?

Online casinos contribute directly to Sevenoaks’ economy through taxes and job creation. They pay a Point of Consumption tax of 15% of their Gross Gambling Yield, which goes into public funds. They also create jobs in various roles, from tech support to customer service.

  1. How do online casinos indirectly stimulate Sevenoaks’ economy?

The rise of online gambling has increased internet usage, leading to a surge in demand for digital services. Furthermore, winnings from online casinos often stimulate local spending, benefiting local businesses.

  1. What role does regulation play in the economic contribution of online casinos?

Regulation ensures that online casinos operate fairly and transparently, contributing to public funds through license fees and fines for non-compliance. It also helps mitigate potential economic risks associated with online gambling.

  1. What is the future economic impact of online casinos in Sevenoaks?

The online casino sector is projected to grow, presenting an opportunity for Sevenoaks to boost local employment, stimulate business growth and increase tax revenues.

  1. Are there any risks associated with the economic contributions of online casinos?

Potential risks include problem gambling and associated social costs. Therefore, effective regulation is essential to ensure the economic benefits outweigh these potential drawbacks.

The Psychology of Gambling: A Study among Sevenoaks Residents

In the charming town of Sevenoaks, a phenomenon is taking root – gambling. But what drives people to gamble? What psychological factors influence this behavior? This article dives deep into the world of gambling from a psychological perspective, focusing on a study conducted among the residents of Sevenoaks.

Background of Gambling in Sevenoaks

The history of gambling in Sevenoaks is as rich and varied as the town itself. From informal bets placed in local pubs to the rise of online casinos, gambling has evolved over time to become an integral part of the community. Today, various forms of gambling, including sports betting, lottery games, and online casinos, are popular pastimes for many residents.

Gambling isn’t just about fun and games; it has a significant social and economic impact on the town. It contributes to the local economy through taxes and employment, while also fostering a sense of community among players. However, it’s essential to consider the potential downsides, including addiction and financial difficulties.

Understanding the Psychology of Gambling

At the heart of gambling lies a fascinating interplay of psychological processes. When we gamble, we’re not just playing a game; we’re engaging in a complex mental activity that involves motivation, perception, cognition, and emotion.

The thrill of gambling comes from its inherent uncertainty. The possibility of winning a large sum of money from a small wager can be exhilarating. This anticipation of a potential reward activates the brain’s reward system, releasing dopamine and creating a pleasurable feeling.

Moreover, the concept of risk and reward plays a crucial role in gambling. We weigh the potential rewards against the risks, and this evaluation process can be influenced by various factors, including our mood, past experiences, and cognitive biases.

Psychological Factors that Influence Gambling Behavior

Several psychological factors can influence gambling behavior. These include:

  1. Motivation: The thrill of winning, socializing with others, and escaping from daily stressors are common motivators for gambling.
  2. Perception: How we perceive the likelihood of winning can significantly influence our decision to gamble. For example, if we think that a particular number is ‘due’ in a lottery, we may be more likely to bet on it.
  1. Learning: Past experiences with gambling can shape our future behavior. If we’ve won before, we might be more inclined to gamble again, expecting a similar outcome.
  1. Personality traits: Certain personality traits, such as impulsivity and sensation-seeking, are associated with higher levels of gambling.

Cognitive biases and illusions of control also play a significant role in gambling. We tend to overestimate our chances of winning and believe that we can somehow influence the outcome of purely chance events. This illusion of control can lead us to gamble more frequently and make larger bets.

A Study among Sevenoaks Residents

To gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of gambling in Sevenoaks, a study was conducted among local residents. The study used a mixed-methods approach, combining surveys and interviews to gather data on gambling behaviors, motivations, and perceptions.

The results revealed some fascinating insights. Many participants reported gambling for fun and excitement, while others viewed it as a way to socialize and escape from daily stress. However, some participants also reported negative experiences, such as financial difficulties and feelings of guilt and regret.

Interestingly, many participants believed that they could predict or control the outcomes of their bets, despite the random nature of most gambling activities. This finding underscores the role of cognitive biases and illusions of control in gambling behavior.

The Impact of Problematic Gambling

Problematic gambling, or gambling that interferes with one’s life, can have severe psychological implications. It can lead to financial difficulties, relationship problems, and mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

In Sevenoaks, problematic gambling is a concern for some residents. The study revealed that a small but significant number of participants reported signs of problematic gambling, such as difficulty controlling their gambling behavior and negative impacts on their finances and relationships.

Strategies for Addressing Problematic Gambling

Addressing problematic gambling requires a multifaceted approach. Psychological interventions, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, can help individuals change their gambling behaviors and cope with the urges to gamble.

In Sevenoaks, various community initiatives are in place to prevent and treat problematic gambling. These include awareness campaigns, self-exclusion programs, and counseling services.


Understanding the psychology of gambling is crucial in addressing its potential issues effectively. The study among Sevenoaks residents provides valuable insights into the psychological factors that influence gambling behavior and highlights the importance of ongoing efforts to prevent and treat problematic gambling.


  1. Why do people gamble?

People gamble for various reasons, including the thrill of winning, socialization, and escape from daily stressors. However, the motivations can vary widely among individuals.

  1. What psychological factors influence gambling behavior?

Several psychological factors influence gambling behavior, including motivation, perception, learning, and personality traits. Cognitive biases and illusions of control also play a significant role.

  1. What are the psychological implications of problematic gambling?

Problematic gambling can lead to financial difficulties, relationship problems, and mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

  1. How can problematic gambling be addressed?

Problematic gambling can be addressed through psychological interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as community initiatives like awareness campaigns, self-exclusion programs, and counseling services.

  1. What were the findings of the study among Sevenoaks residents?

The study found that many participants gambled for fun and excitement, but some also experienced negative impacts. Many participants also exhibited cognitive biases and illusions of control in their gambling behavior.

Online Casino Etiquette: Tips for Sevenoaks Players

In the bustling digital world of online casinos, the town of Sevenoaks has found its spot at the virtual gaming tables. With the surge in online gambling’s popularity, it’s become increasingly important to understand the unwritten rules – the etiquette of online casinos. So, dear Sevenoaks players, how can you ensure your online casino experience is enjoyable not only for you but for other players as well?

Understanding Online Casinos

Online casinos are a modern twist to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. They offer a variety of games from the comfort of your home, from slots and roulette to poker and blackjack. For Sevenoaks residents, they’ve become a popular form of entertainment, offering the chance to win big without leaving the couch.

While the thrill of the game might be similar, online casinos differ significantly from their physical counterparts. The virtual environment lacks the face-to-face interactions, making it a unique landscape where traditional casino etiquette gets a digital makeover.

Why Etiquette Matters in Online Casinos

Etiquette, the customary code of polite behavior, is just as crucial in an online casino as it is in a physical one. It’s the grease that keeps the wheels of the online casino world spinning smoothly. But why is this so?

Good etiquette makes the gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. It fosters a sense of community, promotes fair play, and maintains a respectful gaming environment. In essence, good online casino etiquette ensures the virtual gaming world is a pleasant place to spend time.

General Online Casino Etiquette Tips

Now that we’ve established the importance of etiquette let’s dive into some general tips that Sevenoaks players can apply in any online casino game.

  1. Respect the Rules: Each online casino game has its set of rules. Familiarize yourself with them before playing to avoid unintentional rule-breaking.
  1. Avoid Spamming the Chat: The chat feature is there for communication, not to be flooded with unnecessary comments or promotions.
  1. Maintain a Respectful Attitude: Treat other players and casino staff with respect. Remember, there’s a real person behind every screen.

Game-Specific Etiquette Tips

Each game in an online casino also has its specific etiquette norms. Let’s take a look at some popular ones:

  1. Poker: Avoid taking too long to make your move. It can disrupt the flow of the game and irritate other players.
  1. Blackjack: Don’t offer unsolicited advice to other players. They might have their strategies.
  1. Slots: If a slot game has a multiplayer feature, don’t hog the machines. Allow others a chance to play.

Etiquette for Interacting with Other Players

Interacting with other players can be a significant part of the online casino experience. Here are a few tips to keep these interactions pleasant:

  1. Be Polite: Always treat others with kindness and respect. A simple ‘good game’ or ‘nice move’ can go a long way.
  1. Handle Disputes Gracefully: If disagreements arise, handle them calmly and respectfully. Contact customer support if necessary.

Etiquette for Dealing with Wins and Losses

Wins and losses are part and parcel of the online casino experience. Here’s how to deal with them gracefully:

  1. Celebrate Wins Humbly: Everyone loves to win, but avoid gloating. It can come off as disrespectful to other players.
  1. Accept Losses Gracefully: Losing isn’t fun, but it’s important to accept losses with dignity. Avoid blaming others and remember – it’s just a game.


Good etiquette can significantly enhance your online casino experience, making it more enjoyable for both you and other players. As Sevenoaks dives deeper into the world of online casinos, let’s remember to uphold these etiquette tips for a better, more respectful gaming environment.


  1. Why is etiquette important in online casinos?

Good etiquette enhances the gaming experience for all players, promotes fair play, and maintains a respectful gaming environment.

  1. What are some general etiquette tips for online casinos?

Some general tips include respecting the rules, avoiding spamming the chat, and maintaining a respectful attitude toward other players and casino staff.

  1. Are there game-specific etiquette tips for online casinos?

Yes, each game has its specific etiquette norms. For example, in poker, it’s good etiquette not to take too long to make your move.

  1. How should I interact with other players in an online casino?

Always be polite and respectful in your interactions. If disputes arise, handle them calmly and contact customer support if necessary.

  1. How should I deal with wins and losses in an online casino?

Celebrate your wins humbly and accept losses gracefully. Avoid gloating or blaming others, and remember that it’s just a game.

Sevenoaks: A Potential Hotspot for Online Casino Startups

The online casino industry has been on a meteoric rise globally, and the charming town of Sevenoaks could be its next big frontier. If you’re an entrepreneur with a penchant for digital innovation and gaming, it’s time to turn your gaze towards this potential hotspot. But why Sevenoaks, you ask? Let’s dive in and explore!

The Rise of Online Casinos Globally

Online casinos are no longer just a blip on the entertainment radar; they’ve become a dominant force in the global gaming landscape. Offering the thrill of a casino from the comfort of one’s home, these platforms have capitalized on the convenience, variety, and advancements in digital technology to carve out a significant niche.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend, with physical distancing norms making online platforms the go-to for many casino enthusiasts. As such, the online casino industry has seen unprecedented growth, setting the stage for new entrants to make their mark.

Why Sevenoaks?

Nestled in the heart of Kent, Sevenoaks offers more than just scenic beauty and historic charm. It presents a unique blend of factors that could make it a fertile ground for online casino startups.

Firstly, Sevenoaks boasts a demographic profile that aligns with the typical online casino user. The town has a relatively young and affluent population, many of whom are tech-savvy and open to online entertainment forms.

Secondly, Sevenoaks enjoys robust technological infrastructure, essential for running a successful online casino. High-speed internet connectivity, widespread use of smartphones, and a strong IT sector can provide the necessary support for digital startups.

Finally, the local regulations in Sevenoaks and the broader UK are quite supportive of online gambling, offering a regulated yet conducive environment for such enterprises.

The Market Potential in Sevenoaks

The market potential for online casinos in Sevenoaks is significant, driven by current gambling trends and latent demand for such offerings.

Gambling is not new to Sevenoaks residents. The town has a history of horse racing and sports betting, indicating a predisposition towards such forms of entertainment. Translating this interest to the digital realm could open up a vast market for online casino startups.

Furthermore, the convenience and variety offered by online casinos could attract even those who are not regulars at traditional casinos. From slots and poker to roulette and blackjack, the wide array of games available can cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

The Regulatory Landscape in Sevenoaks

Any discussion on setting up an online casino startup must consider the regulatory landscape. In Sevenoaks, and the UK more broadly, online gambling is well-regulated by the Gambling Commission.

While these regulations ensure fair play and protect consumers, they also provide clarity and security for businesses. Compliance with these rules can serve as a badge of credibility for online casino startups, enhancing their appeal to potential users.

However, navigating these regulations will require careful attention. Entrepreneurs must ensure they meet all licensing requirements, adhere to advertising standards, and implement necessary measures for responsible gambling.

Success Stories of Online Casino Startups

Several online casino startups have made their mark in similar markets, providing valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs in Sevenoaks.

Companies like Casumo and LeoVegas, which started as small startups, have now become major players in the online casino industry. Their success underscores the importance of innovative offerings, user-friendly platforms, and effective marketing strategies.

These success stories also highlight the potential rewards on offer for those who can navigate the challenges of this competitive industry. They serve as a beacon, guiding the way for new entrants in markets like Sevenoaks.

Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Starting an online casino in Sevenoaks will not be without its challenges, but with careful planning and strategic thinking, these hurdles can be overcome.

One of the key challenges will be standing out in a crowded market. Effective branding, unique game offerings, and superior user experience can help differentiate a startup from its competitors.

Engaging the local community will also be crucial. Hosting local events, sponsoring local teams or causes, and tailoring offerings to the preferences of Sevenoaks residents can help establish a strong local presence.

Finally, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is paramount. This not only avoids potential legal issues but also builds trust with users.


Sevenoaks presents a compelling case as a potential hotspot for online casino startups. With its favorable demographics, robust technological infrastructure, and supportive regulatory environment, it offers a promising landscape for entrepreneurs willing to take up the challenge.

The road may be fraught with challenges, but with the right approach, the rewards could be significant. So, if you’re an entrepreneur with a vision for creating a vibrant online casino platform, perhaps it’s time to place your bet on Sevenoaks!


  1. Why is Sevenoaks considered a potential hotspot for online casino startups?

Sevenoaks has a favorable demographic profile, robust technological infrastructure, and supportive local regulations, making it an attractive location for such startups.

  1. What is the market potential for online casinos in Sevenoaks?

Given the town’s history with gambling and the increasing preference for online entertainment, the market potential for online casinos in Sevenoaks is significant.

  1. What are the regulatory considerations for starting an online casino in Sevenoaks?

Online casinos in the UK are regulated by the Gambling Commission. Entrepreneurs must ensure they meet all licensing requirements, adhere to advertising standards, and implement necessary measures for responsible gambling.

  1. What can Sevenoaks startups learn from successful online casino companies?

Successful companies underscore the importance of innovative offerings, user-friendly platforms, and effective marketing strategies. They also highlight the potential rewards for those who can navigate the challenges of this competitive industry.

  1. What are some challenges of starting an online casino in Sevenoaks and how can they be overcome?

Key challenges include standing out in a crowded market, engaging the local community, and ensuring regulatory compliance. These can be overcome through effective branding, local engagement, and strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

Exploring the Social Aspects of Online Casinos in Sevenoaks

Online casinos have been making waves worldwide, and the charming town of Sevenoaks is no exception. But there’s more to this trend than just games and bets. It’s also about the social interactions that these platforms foster. Curious? Let’s delve into the exciting world of online casinos and explore their social aspects in the Sevenoaks context.

The Rise of Online Casinos in Sevenoaks

In recent years, Sevenoaks has seen a surge in the popularity of online casinos. The convenience of playing from home, coupled with an impressive variety of games, has drawn many residents towards these digital platforms. Yet, what truly makes online casinos stand out from traditional gambling is the unique social experience they offer.

Understanding the Social Aspect of Online Casinos

When we think of casinos, we often picture bustling venues filled with people cheering, chatting, and enjoying the thrill of the game together. Online casinos have ingeniously captured this essence by integrating social features into their platforms. From chat functions and multiplayer modes to online tournaments, they’ve transformed solitary screen time into a lively community experience.

The Social Experience in Sevenoaks’ Online Casinos

So, what does the social scene look like in Sevenoaks’ online casinos? Imagine sitting in your living room in Sevenoaks, playing blackjack with someone halfway across the world. You’re not just playing; you’re also exchanging strategies, sharing a laugh, and perhaps even forging a new friendship.

This social interaction extends beyond the games. Many platforms host forums where players can discuss strategies, share experiences, and form connections. These interactions create a sense of community, making the gaming experience even more engaging.

The Impact of Social Interactions on Gaming Experience

There’s no denying that the social aspects of online casinos significantly enhance the gaming experience. They add an extra layer of excitement to the games, making players feel like they’re part of a vibrant community, not just individuals staring at a screen.

Moreover, social interactions can also foster loyalty towards a platform. When players form connections with fellow gamers, they’re likely to return to the same platform, contributing to its success and longevity.

Case Studies: Social Success Stories in Online Casinos

Several online casinos have aced the social aspect, creating thriving communities around their platforms. For instance, PokerStars, a popular online poker site, hosts regular tournaments that bring players together from all corners of the globe. These events are not just about winning; they’re also about meeting like-minded individuals and being part of a global poker community.

Similarly, Bingo Blitz, an online bingo game, has built a strong social network where players can gift items, share achievements, and even adopt virtual pets. This social interaction makes the game more enjoyable and keeps players coming back for more.

These examples offer valuable lessons for Sevenoaks’ online casinos. By integrating social features and fostering a sense of community, they can enhance user engagement and set themselves apart in the competitive online gambling industry.

Challenges and Opportunities in Enhancing Social Interactions

While the social aspect of online casinos offers many benefits, it also comes with its challenges. Maintaining a positive and respectful environment is crucial. This means managing conflicts, ensuring fair play, and protecting users from any form of harassment.

However, these challenges present opportunities for innovation. For example, developing advanced moderation tools can help maintain decorum in chats and forums. Implementing strict rules against harassment and cheating can ensure a safe and fair gaming environment.

Moreover, there’s immense potential for enhancing social interactions further. Innovative features like VR-based interactions, live dealer games, and user-generated content can take the social gaming experience to new heights.


The world of online casinos in Sevenoaks is not just about games and bets; it’s a thriving social hub where people connect, interact, and form communities. It’s this social aspect that sets online gambling apart from traditional forms, making it a more engaging and enjoyable experience.

While there are challenges in managing social interactions, the opportunities are vast. As online casinos continue to innovate and enhance their social features, we can look forward to an even more exciting and vibrant gaming landscape in Sevenoaks.


  1. What makes online casinos in Sevenoaks social?

Online casinos in Sevenoaks integrate various social features, like chat functions, forums, and multiplayer games, allowing players to interact and form communities.

  1. How do social interactions enhance the gaming experience?

Social interactions add a layer of excitement to the games, make players feel part of a community, and foster loyalty towards the platform.

  1. What are some successful examples of social interaction in online casinos?

Platforms like PokerStars and Bingo Blitz have successfully integrated social features, hosting tournaments and creating social networks that enhance user engagement.

  1. What are the challenges in fostering social interactions in online casinos?

Challenges include managing conflicts, ensuring fair play, and protecting users from harassment. However, these challenges present opportunities for innovation and improvement.

  1. How can online casinos in Sevenoaks enhance their social features?

They can introduce innovative features like VR-based interactions, live dealer games, and user-generated content. They can also implement advanced moderation tools to maintain a positive and safe environment.

Questionnaire Results

A presentation of all the results of the Parish Plan questionnaire was held yesterday (30 Jan) at the Memorial Hall. It was very well attended but because of the volume of written comments many people asked if we could put it onto our Parish Plan site so they could study at leisure. A ‘thread’ below had been created for each section of the questionnaire and you are warmly invited to read and, if you wish, give any feedback. Rod

8. Older Persons Concerns

9. Young Peoples Concerns

7. Facing the Future

6. A Sustainable Economy for Otford

5. Supporting a Dynamic Econcomy

4. Living in a Healthy Environment

3. Having a Green Environment

2. A Caring Community

1. A Safe Community – (B) Roads and Pavements

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Our Vision is for Cycling in Sevenoaks and the surrounding area to be a safer, more enjoyable and more accessible form of everyday transport and recreation for all.

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An opportunity to ask our prospective Westminister candidates how they intend to…

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Meeting today with council officials to see if at last the Sevenoaks Cycle Strat…

Utterly Mad.

Sevenoaks MP Michael Fallon will vote to STAY in the EU

Sevenoaks MP Michael Fallon will vote to STAY in the EU

Discussion in ‘Sevenoaks Chat’ started by Sevenoaks Chronicle, Feb 20, 2016. Replies: 0 | Views: 84

Sevenoaks Chronicle New Member

Sevenoaks MP Michael Fallon has revealed he will vote to STAY in Europe following this morning’s cabinet meeting.Mr Fallon will join Prime Minister David Cameron in campaigning for the union ahead of the referendum on June 23.He previously told the Chronicle the PM needed to secure “serious and substantial reform” in his talks in Brussels and some commentators had suggested he could back the Brexit.But it appears he has been convinced by the deal Mr Cameron announced yesterday.

Otford Community Email Fund contribution 2016-17

Thanks again to everyone in Otford who is participating in the village email scheme that provides an mailbox for an individual, family, organisation or business.

Last year, 2016-17, the scheme raised £266.00 from people taking part, bringing the total raised to over £3,700.

Delighted to pass on the contribution on your behalf to the Otford Heritage Trail Project being co-ordinated by Rod Shelton.

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Southern Water outlines investment plan to reduce storm overflows

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New tax year: Threshold risk for millions as benefits rise

Frozen thresholds add to the personal income tax burden but the state pension and benefits will rise within days.

All the Kent roadworks set to cause disruption this week

The roads may also be busier than usual due to the Easter holidays

P&O Ferries plans to cut 60 jobs in the UK

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Sussex Police officer charged with attempted rape

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Investors fear losing millions in Tunbridge Wells property business failure

One of the 140 investors in Tunbridge Wells-based JVIP Group fears he has lost £400,000.

Investors fear losing millions in Tunbridge Wells property business failure

One of the 140 investors in Tunbridge Wells-based JVIP Group fears he has lost £400,000.

Dover delays clear after ‘buffer zone’ empties

The port says traffic is flowing as normal following days of disruption blamed on slow processing.

Suella Braverman says Rwanda is safe for migrants despite evidence of 2018 killings

The home secretary is challenged over evidence that refugees were shot dead by police there in 2018.

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Disposable barbecues beach ban to come into force

Fines of £100 are to be issued for using single-use grills on a 14-mile stretch of the Kent coast.

Isle of Sheppey: Care home rated inadequate placed in special measures

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Planning Enforcement Officer (Career Grade)

Our Planning Enforcement team investigates all reports of alleged breaches of planning control which is a critical role within the…

We are thrilled to have been awarded 3 year funding from the National Lottery Community…

Kent’s most wanted men who are still on the run from police

Kent Police are looking for 12 men, some of whom have been on the run for more than three years

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Suspected arson attack at former Anchor and Hope pub in Ash

At its peak, 40 firefighters and eight fire engines were on hand to tackle the fire, alongside a height vehicle