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Sevenoaks crews to give fire safety advice

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  1. Sevenoaks firefighters will be in Dunton Green on Thursday 29 March to issue fire safety advice following three accidental fires in as many weeks.

    The crew are taking the opportunity to hand out fire safety leaflets and talk to neighbouring residents. This is routine after fires have occurred and follows two recent incidents in Station Road and one in London Road.

    On 1 March, a woman and her young daughter managed to get out of their home after their dishwasher caught fire.

    This was followed by an incident on 7 March when 78- year-old Ray Attwood was helped to safety by a neighbour and 14-year-old paperboy Jack Randal, after fire broke out in his ground-floor bedroom. The fire is believed to have been caused by a faulty oil-fired storage heater.

    In the most recent incident, a man called the fire service just after 11.15pm on 22 March after hearing his neighbour’s smoke alarm. He went to investigate and saw something smouldering on the cooker. He was unable to raise the homeowner so went into the property and helped the man - believed to be in his 50’s - to safety.

    Two fire engines were quickly on the scene where they found the occupant had accidentally left a plastic container on the hob during a power cut and gone to bed. The pot ignited when the power came back on causing a small fire.

    Sevenoaks Watch Manager Danny Barrett said:
    Firefighters will be visiting the area between 10am and 11am this Thursday, (29 March) but if you would like advice on how to keep you, your family or a neighbour safe from fire call Kent Fire and Rescue Service for free on 0800 923 7000 or go to www.3breaths.info for further information.

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