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Otford Community News - week commencing Mon 6th Aug

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Kay Drake, Aug 8, 2018. Replies: 0 | Views: 67

  1. Kay Drake

    Kay Drake Member

    OTFORD Evening WI meet at 7.30pm tonight in the Club Room of the Memorial Hall to hear Sharon Lynn talk about ‘Medical Detection Dogs’ how to train dogs to detect illness. Visitors are very welcome to go along or contact their President 01959 524831 for further information.

    OTFORD Memorial Hall will be open between 11am and 4pm on Saturday and you are invited to go along to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, see the improvements they have made so far and give them your opinion on how they can continue to refurbish and develop this valuable resource so that it remains relevant to future generations.
    Representatives from some of the local organisations and societies who make use of these facilities will be on hand to provide information on the way they use the Hall and when they say our Hall, they actually mean residents of Otford. Otford Parish Council, although very supportive of the Hall are not its owners. The residents of Otford, own the Hall and it is held in trust with the Charities Commission. A Committee of Trustees manage the Hall and these represent local societies and local residents and they will be on-hand to explain their approach and seek your views on how they can best develop the Hall.
    This is not a meeting, so no speeches but an opportunity for you to express your ideas on how they might best proceed with their next tranche of improvements. So if you can spare a few moments of your time go along and support them to ensure that our Hall, which is also very much our community centre, remains a valuable Village asset.

    PAUL, our Community Warden, holds his weekly surgery to discuss any problems and community issues at the School House each Tuesday between 11am and 12 noon. If you have any issues just go along and see him or he can also be contacted on 07813 713366.

    OTFORD Gardeners’ Society are holding their Autumn Flower and Craft Show in the Memorial Hall from 2.15pm on Saturday September 1. They promise a marvelous display of late Summer flowers and harvest from the vegetable garden, with floral arrangements, preserves, cookery, photographic, art and handicraft classes. Teas will be available until 4pm and there will be a sales table. Their gardening tips for August include keep picking tomatoes and peppers to encourage more flowers and do not cut the grass too short in this dry weather!

    DON’T forget to keep your hedges and any foliage abutting a footpath or pavement trimmed as overhanging branches can cause a hazard to those with sight difficulties and those pushing wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs. It would be really appreciated if you could check your boundaries and trim any overhanging foliage hard back from the footway so as to make it easier for those who walk past.

    THERE will be a 5 day Summer Film and Theatre Workshop in the Memorial Hall between August 13 and 17 specialising in film and theatre for children aged 4 to 12 years. Workshops through the week include Stage Combat, Behind the Camera, Stage Technique, Film and TV Make-up, End of Week Show. For costs and to book contact Born2performstage@amal.com or call 07753 105594.

    OTFORD Gardeners’ Society, on behalf of the Parish Council, are organising the Annual Otford Front Garden Competition. Preliminary judging takes place throughout July and August with committee members walking round the village taking notes based on the front gardens that would take the eye of a stranger to the village without having to look over or around a hedge, wall or fence. The competition winners will be announced in September. Good luck.

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