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Novelty Document Consultants. Contact:… noveltymakers@yahoo.com

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  1. Alex Kayman

    Alex Kayman New Member

    24Document Consultants is the most reliable company and can help you with all your driving licenses and ID cards. identity and authentic driving licenses and the need for Identity cards. We make high quality registered and non registered driving licenses, identity cards with COD services available for reliable Clients.

    can order a driving license and Identity cards online from us and be sure that you will be provided with a driving license of high quality and identity cards that will not be detectable. So, order today for the best high quality novelty documents.

    Our registered driving licenses and registered identity cards are all registered in the system and contain all the holographic security elements and watermarks. We collaborate with professionals and transport technicians at the Office of Civil Motorization and the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint (IPZS) who validate all the biometric data of our customers, the card number of your orederd identity and vital information in any identification or transport system, therefore all our real documents are authentic. This gives us the opportunity to produce identity cards for foreigners.

    WhatsApp: …………………… +1 516 690 6662

    Contact:… noveltymakers@yahoo.com

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